Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Entrepreneurial Community Launch for Our Local Economy

A Closer Look:  Goals, Objectives & Action-Steps

"Our dreams inspire us, our goals & objectives chart our course,
and our appropriate actions accomplish our objectives, achieve our goals,
and fulfill our dreams."

Launching and maintaining an Entrepreneurial Community (EC) is a balanced blend of vital goals, targeted objectives, and timely action-steps.  In addition, ongoing evaluation of progress toward those objectives and goals give us valuable feedback as to how well we are doing.  Each objective provides direction towards our goals and each goal direction towards fulfilling and maintaining our purpose.

With that in mind, I suggest the following; not as a final answer, but as a beginning point for our purpose of Launching & Maintaining An Entrepreneurial Community.

Goals, Objectives & Action-Steps

Assessment of each of the six activities essential to growing an EC.  This will give us a good idea of where we are in journey to that end.

1) Entrepreneurial Density
2) University
3) Transportation
4) Local Early-Stage Risk Capital
5) Local Entrepreneurial Community Entrepreneurial-Driven Events
6) Business Community Support

I am addressing each of the above activities in six consecutive posts, first giving a brief assessment, then identifying three goals, three objectives and three action-steps for each that can move The Silver Creek Economy toward becoming a strong and resilient EC.

This effort to strengthen our local and regional economy is in no way intended to replace the dedicated efforts (past, present & future) of local businesses, chambers of commerce, city & county governments or regional organizations, but complement them.

At Partnering Technologies, we will commit significant manpower to this project as local individuals enroll in our SPP (Strategic Partnering Program) as OPI's (Online Partnering Interns).

Closing Thought

This closing remark from the above cited post (
highlights the opportunity we have to launch a new era of economic prosperity for the White Mountain Region as well as our Silver Creek Community:

The democratization of entrepreneurship has created a huge opportunity for any region [community] with the right characteristics to create its own sustainable tech cluster. But, as with any true democracy, it won’t happen without the combined participation of the community and desire of entrepreneurs to lead the movement. This is happening in Bend, and I look forward to hearing from others about your own experiments.

A Question for Your Consideration

How do these suggestions agree or disagree with your approach to launching an“entrepreneurial community” for our local economy?

What Do You Think?

As always, your constructive comments are welcomed.

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Goals, Objectives & Action-Steps for Local Entrepreneurial Community Entrepreneurial-Driven Events

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