Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Is the Economy Holding You Hostage...?

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
-John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach

Over the last seven years, many explanations have been offered as to why the economy is "in the tank".  Taxes are going up, government regulations are on the increase, investors are going overseas with their money, the big corporations are down-sizing, consumers are cutting back on spending, and so it goes...

While all these factors and many others are a matter of record, are you "allowing" them to determine your present and future prosperity?  Are you letting circumstances determine your outcomes?  Are you being "held hostage" by economic circumstances?

Amid this turmoil, there are a number who are prospering.  What are they doing? Taking a closer look you will find they focus on three things:  change, principles, and choice.

With that in mind, consider three things you "can do" right now (and in the coming weeks, months, and years) to make sure "the economy" doesn't hold you hostage.

1) Learn how to become more agile; increase your capacity to tolerate uncertainty in a rapidly changing world and then act appropriately.  Change is with us round-the-clock; without it life would become rather boring and useless.  The more you embrace change the greater will become your ability to respond effectively to it and prosper in so doing.

What can you do now to respond to the changes in the world that affect your prosperity?

2) Discover and hold fast to universal, timeless principles.  The law of cause & effect is ever present.  As you learn, apply, and master the principles upon which your prosperity is based, your power to make choices that benefit you and others increases.  In a rapidly changing world, you are able to navigate a course that frees you from being held hostage by any circumstances.

What timeless principles are involved and how can you apply them now to maintain and enhance your prosperity?

3) Understand and believe that you "always" have a choice.  Certainly, the overall economy has been "in the tank" in the recent past and many have experienced financial setbacks; we must confront reality. However, you can always choose your response.  When you choose to "act", you increase the control you have over your outcomes; instead of circumstances determining them, your choices do.

What can you "choose" to do now to maintain or increase your prosperity, financial or otherwise?

Remember:  Focus on what is changing, the principles involved, and make your choices accordingly.

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