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Our Local Economy & Entrepreneurial Events

Virtual Internship Design

"Tug on anything at all and you'll find it connected to everything else in the universe."
~ John Muir

Community events play a major role reflecting community values and generating efforts that benefit local residents as well as others.  Their success depends on the buy-in of a significant number of residents and dedication to the purposes of those  worthwhile events.

Examples of these include Taylor's 4th of July Rodeo, the Corn Festival and Snowflake's Pioneer Days Celebration & 12 Days of Christmas.  In addition, a number of other events sponsored by local/regional organizations impact our community for good.    

These events provide residents "experiences" that unite the community, cultivate its unique character and attract visitors to come and experience those benefits often.  Carefully chosen, they produce greater prosperity in all dimensions of living for our community and region.

Consider the following Entrepreneurial-Driven Events and how they can help create experiences that make entrepreneurship part of our culture and a skill-set that is valued in our community. There are many more, but these lend themselves to our present circumstances.  

1) Virtual Internship Design Workshops/Projects
2) Entrepreneurial Skills Workshops/Projects
3) Startup Saturday Workshops/Projects

In this post I will focus on Virtual Internship Design; specifically, how it lends itself to knowledge work and ROWE (Results Only Work Environments); two key factors shaping the landscape of the world of work, now and in the future.

Virtual Internships

Definition:  An internship performed anywhere and anytime via the Internet.  Virtual Internships make it possible to do work for any organization anywhere in the world from your location and work with a team geographically dispersed statewide, nationwide, or worldwide.

Virtual Internships provide an excellent platform to jump-start the launch of an entrepreneurial community.  For you, they create an abundance of work opportunities via the Internet and its complementary technologies.  In addition, they provide a venue to learn, consistently apply, and master valuable, high demand skills (skills relevant in the present and future of work); gain valued industry experience; and earn substantial income while doing so.  Furthermore, they provide a practical way to build a rewarding, responsive, and resilient online career.

This ability to work from anywhere, anytime is fast becoming the norm for knowledge workers through a ROWE.  The world of work is rapidly changing; and the work of the future, the work that is in high demand, highly valued, and highly paid will be done in and through virtual/online environments.  It will be done by individuals willing take responsibility and produce desired results.  It will be done by individuals with purpose and initiative.

Thus the importance of virtual internships; of learning, applying and mastering the skills required to prosper in an online environment.  They are key factors in building a resilient local economy; a thriving economy based on the proven principles of entrepreneurship in an ever changing world of work.


Results Only Work Environments are becoming and will continue to be the preferred method of performing knowledge work in the years to come.  By gaining experience in a ROWE, virtual interns acquire competencies vital to career prosperity now and in the future:

They fine tune their ability to identify vital tasks and how to best accomplish those tasks.
They learn how to manage themselves in a real world setting and produce desired results in their work and satisfy their personal life needs and wants.

They learn what their strengths are and how they can use them to perform at their best.
They learn how to accomplish what's important to them (what they value) while fulfilling the purposes, achieving the goals and accomplishing the objectives of the organizations they work for.
They learn how to use their freedom wisely and become responsibly accountable,  

They learn how to build effective working relationships with others from around the world and from diverse cultures.
They learn how to communicate effectively and perform at their best in a virtual environment.

The above are just a of the few the many advantages working in a ROWE offer virtual interns.

Concluding Observations

So how does all this contribute to building a local entrepreneurial community?  Virtual internships connect our rural community with the world of work, whether it be in Phoenix, AZ; Boston MA; or anyplace in the world.  Through ROWE's, virtual internships provide residents of our community access to a variety work that is high paying, rewarding, and vital to building resilient careers that meet their individual circumstances.  In addition, those who choose to start and grow businesses in our community have access to the talent and abilities of knowledge workers worldwide.

The opportunity for economic progress in our community has never been better and virtual internships provide local residents a practical way to succeed in such an advantageous climate.

For more information about virtual internships, the state of knowledge work and ROWE's check out these links:

Virtual Internships



Partnering Technologies will be posting a Virtual Internship Design Overview within the next two weeks. It will present how virtual internships, knowledge work, and ROWE's can create high-paying careers for local residents and strengthen our local economy.

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